"The Human Mine"

18 May - 19 June

Aim Space Gallery - Sint Jansvliet 2, 2000 Antwerpen -

Gallery Hours 12am-6pm


Private View 17 May 20.00

The title 'The Human Mine' conjures the image of humans in darkness, working, searching, sweating. Forms briefly recognised in dim light. It is ambiguous as to what is been delved for whether it is a precious material or resource or that it is a human element itself that is been mined. It also suggests that the various shafts and corridors of our consciousness can be excavated and harvested for better or for worse.
 This show explores this idea predominantly utilizing gold leaf and charcoal of which both materials invoke the personality of a mined substance. Gold is often regarded as a decadent colour, an over indulgence whereas charcoal is perhaps one of the humblest artists materials. Aesthetically, black and gold complement each other as values of the unknown and illumination adding to the dichotomy of this juxtaposition. Here Loughbrough uses them on an ambitious scale in a body of work which tips its cap to the symbolists.